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Summer activities in Montafon

Gaschurn is a wonderful summer destination in Austria that offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages. Here are some popular summer activities in Gaschurn:


The beautiful mountainous landscapes surrounding Gaschurn offer numerous hiking trails for all levels of hikers. The trails lead through lush green meadows, forests, and past glistening streams and waterfalls. You can hike on your own or join a guided hiking tour.

In and around Gaschurn and Partenen, you will find around a third of the well-maintained and signposted hiking trails for beginners and advanced hikers. In the summer holidays, you can go on guided hikes or enjoy a family outing.

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A new concept for hiking trails was launched in the Montafon in 2022. The Alpine Mosaic Montafon takes you as a mountain lover on a varied journey through the special and varied landscapes in four unique areas.

Versatile hiking area
The Versettla Bahn (just 300m from Laijola) is one of the cable cars that take you to the versatile Silvretta Montafon hiking area. From the gondola, you are already treated to beautiful views and, once at the top, your eyes will be wide open. Choose a well-marked hiking trail in your desired level of difficulty. Some tips from us:

  • Hiking tip
    The Tafamunt Bahn is only open during the summer period and is only 5 min away from Laijola. This cable car will take you in a gondola to a beautiful alpine landscape with beautiful mountain meadows. Enjoy the view on the terrace, while the children have fun on the playground. Or take an easy 1,5 hour walk to the beautiful Wiegensee, a protected Natura 2000 area.
  • Themed hikes for children
    ‘Hugo’s mountain world’ is a unique programme for young hikers. Accompanied by a guide, the kids discover ‘Count Hugo’s cave’ where they can play, dance and do handicrafts while you, the parents, enjoy a well-earned break during your summer holiday.
  • Geocaching routes
    Attraction for young and old: treasure hunting. Equipped with a GPS and a set of coordinates, you search on your hiking route for hidden ‘treasures’. Borrow a free route map from the local tourist information office in Gaschurn and devise tasks or a two-and-a-half-hour hike to find the treasure.
  • More walks on this handy map.

Cycling and mountain biking

In addition to hiking, cycling is another much-loved activity in and around Gaschurn during the summer holiday. You can go on fantastic cycling tours, especially by mountain bike.

In the Montafon region, there are almost 300 km of cycling routes: a true cycling paradise in summer! Take along your own bicycle or rent a mountain bike or E-bike from one of the numerous bicycle rentals in the region.

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Cycling routes from Gaschurn

From Gaschurn and neighbouring Partenen, you can select various cycling routes in the region. Most tours have a slightly higher degree of difficulty, given that large differences in altitude have to be overcome. Explore, for instance:

  • Bade Tour – 2.5 hours – easy
  • Alpe Gibau Tour – 4 hours – difficult
  • Saarbrückner Hütte Tour – 5 hours – difficult
  • Other tours on this Montafon landing page
  • E-biken in Montafon, Vorarlberg, read more on Montafon Tourisme E-bike page

Children activities

Mountain experiences for children

During the summer holiday, children like to play and romp around. Especially when they are a bit older, they do not always feel like going on mountain hikes together with their parents and might get bored with cycling also. In this case, the surroundings of Gaschurn can provide relief. In addition to beautiful hiking tours with distractions for the young ‘mountain goats’, there are plenty of opportunities for activities available in and around the village which will be highly attractive for children.

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  • Fun at the playground
    In Gaschurn and Partenen, there are a minimum of five playgrounds, both in the villages themselves and at various chalets. So, while you can enjoy the view after a hiking tour, your children will have perfect fun!
  • Fun in and by the water
    Leisure park Freizeitpark Mountain Beach is a swimming paradise in Gaschurn. There, in addition to a superb outdoor swimming pool with slides, children can also play in and by the water.
  • Play paradise
    Aktivpark Montafon is about twenty minutes away by car. In Tschagguns, you will find an alpine bath, a miniature golf course, an adventure forest, a playground and sports facilities. A true play paradise! And, if you happen to go to the village, visiting organic farm Kristahof is highly recommended.
  • Adventurous ropes course
    Ropes course Waldsielpark Golm is open during the summer months only. From the age of six onwards, visitors can test their balance and skill on climbing nets or steel cables. Does your family love adventure?
  • Higher, faster, further
    With Flying Fox you “fly” across the Latschau reservoir attached to a 565 m long steel cable.
  • Toboggan run of 2.5 km
    And there you go, on the all-weather toboggan run at a maximum speed of 40 km/h from Latschau to Vandans. Over 2.5 km downhill in a sledge at Alpine Coaster.
  • Hiking and gliding
    Waldrutschenpark-Golm is the perfect combination for a varied family outing. Seven slides on a 3 km hiking trail.


During the hot summer months, Gaschurn has several outdoor pools and natural swimming lakes perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Or laze around at the Laijola pool.


Vorarlberg is also very suitable as a golf destination. According to an international ranking, the region even gets an 8.3. This score indicates how suitable a region is to play golf.

The 6 golf clubs in Vorarlberg, Austria are Montafon golf club, Montfort Rankweil golf club, Bludenz-Braz golf club, Naturpark golf club Brand, Bregenzerwald golf park and Lech golf club.

More info on these golf courses in Vorarlberg.

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The most popular golf course is Naturpark Golf Club Brand, and Golf Club Montfort Rankweil was rated the best golf course in Vorarlberg.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a great way to explore the beautiful Alpine landscapes. Take a guided ride through the forests and meadows and experience the beauty of the region.


Gaschurn is close to some of the best whitewater rafting rivers in the region. The rivers offer varying degrees of rapids, perfect for beginners and experienced rafters. You can book a guided rafting trip.

This can be done through for instance High 5 Outdoor.


For those looking for an adrenaline rush, paragliding is an activity you should definitely try. Fly over the Alpine peaks and valleys and experience the breathtaking views from the air. You can book a tandem flight with a certified paragliding instructor.


So, there is enough to do when you spend your summer holiday in Gaschurn. In case you are not into strenuous activities, there are also numerous other events organised in the region for you to relax. What about a Silvretta Classic Rally? Car lovers just become goggle-eyed when the valley turns into a decor for many strange and vintage cars. Also worthwhile: the Montafon legend festivals in one of Europe’s biggest open-air theatres.

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Having breakfast in the mountains

In terms of culinary delights during your summer holiday in Gaschurn, you will truly get your money’s worth. Should you get hungry after a hike, a cycling tour or some other strenuous activity, you can always have a tasty meal in one of the numerous good restaurants in the village. Furthermore, the region offers various gourmet options, such as a large mountain breakfast.

Enjoy the most delicious regional specialities during a mountain breakfast, like different kinds of sausage, cheese, quark and other products. From Gaschurn, you can visit Nova Stoba (mountain station of Versettla cableways), a mountain restaurant at an altitude of 2,010 m with a large sun terrace and a playground. During the high season, the restaurant is open for breakfast Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or visit alpine restaurant Alpstöbli Tafamunt by Tafamunt cableways – a very appetising mountain breakfast is served in this mountain restaurant every Sunday.

Tasting regional products

Just try ‘sura kees’, a typical regional product that has been made in the Montafon valley for several centuries. This sour cheese is best when eaten in one piece out of the hand.

Day trips

There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and shops to explore. Take a stroll and soak up the local atmosphere.
From Gaschurn, there are several fun excursions to make.

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Our tips:

International excursions

As Gaschurn offers numerous activities and events during the summer months, you do not have to leave the region during your holiday. Still, due to its convenient location, you can use the Austrian village for day trips to Switzerland or Liechtenstein.


For well-trained hikers, chalet tours will again be the highlight of every summer. Loaded with luggage and setting off into the mountains before sunrise for a tough hike. From Gaschurn, you can relax in various chalets and possibly even stay overnight. In the mountains around Gaschurn, and next to Neue Heilbronner Hütte [New Heilbronn chalet] and Tübinger Hütte [Tübingen chalet], there is also Wiesbadener Hütte [Wiesbaden chalet] and Saarbrücker Hütte [Saarbrücken chalet]. The local tourist information office will be pleased to provide you with further information on these tours (lasting several days).

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  • New Heilbronn chalet
    From Gaschurn, you will hike to this chalet situated at an altitude of 2,320 m in about five hours. After such a tough tour, you can enjoy traditional dishes, delicious home-made strudels and a Kneipp bath. A climbing wall is also provided.
  • Tübingen chalet
    From Gaschurn, you will hike to this chalet situated at an altitude of 2,191 m in about four and a half hours. There, you can enjoy a good meal and also stay overnight.
  • Mountain huts and mountain restaurants in the Montafon
    More than 40 authentic mountain huts and mountain restaurants await you in the Alps of Vorarlberg.
  • Detailed homepage for mountain huts in Vorarlberg (in German).

These are just some of the many summer activities in Gaschurn. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Gaschurn has something for everyone.

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