Laijola organisation

The three buildings and 34 apartments are private property. Various people who love Gaschurn and these surroundings have invested in their own apartment(s). They gladly share the fun they have in summer and winter with Laijola's guests.

A dedicated professional organisation manages Laijola and takes care of everything you need for bookings and a pleasant stay. The owners also frequently occupy their apartments, ensuring that everything is in a better condition than apartments or hotels used exclusively for rental. Laijola is a modern resort, focused on providing you with comfortable stay with as much privacy as possible.

Zoover Award LaijolaLaijola GmbH employs many professionals who stay out of the spotlight. The two people our guests deal with directly are Tobias and Eva. Tobias takes care of everything from booking to arrivals. Eva is the contact on site, in charge of everything behind the scenes. Laijola GmbH is proud of the acclaim we get on various platforms. Of course, we are open to improvements, which we frequently assess for their feasibility and implement where possible. Laijola's goal is to set a new standard for holiday enjoyment before it reaches 10 years of existence.

Appart Laijola
Unter Trantrauas 67 b
6793 Gaschurn
Vorarlberg / Austria

Reservations: +43 (0) 5558 8655
Reception: +43 (0) 664 3813418

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